Honors Program Citizenship Award

2018 Honors Program Citizenship Awardee Emanuel Hartman, with Director Patrick Bahls

Spring 2016 marked the first bestowal of the Honors Program Citizenship Award, henceforth to be granted to the graduating Honors student deemed to best exemplify engagement in the community of the Honors Program. Recipients of this award may demonstrate outstanding commitment to the Honors Program through planning and attending co-curricular and extracurricular activities, through leadership on Honors-related organizations, and through service opportunities related to the Honors Program, among other means.

2018 Recipient: Emanuel Levi Hartman

The recipient of the 2018 Citizenship Award, math and computer science major Emanuel Hartman, is indefatigable in his efforts to bring people together. As a sophomore in Fall 2015, Emanuel was one of the first whom I appointed to the then-new Student Honors Advisory Committee, SHAC. None of the students from that initial cohort were slackers, each distinguishing themselves in their own way.

For his part, our awardee took it upon himself to initiate the Sparks seminar series, which began modestly and has now grown into a program offering nearly ten talks each semester with larger and larger (and increasingly diverse) audiences each term. On the graduation of SHAC's first President in May 2017, Emanuel took this position over and for a year now has led the committee and solidified its extracurricular and co-curricular offerings, its outreach to the campus and the community, and its media presence.

Emanuel doesn't just lead from the sidelines, either. He was the very first to respond to my call to review large batches of proposals to the SRHC conference which we hosted in the spring of 2017, and one of the first to sign on as an on-site volunteer. A fixture at Honors events, Emanuel is always out there, welcoming new students and keeping connections with old, taking in Sparks lectures, trivia nights, bingo nights, and pancake dinners where he personally works the griddle for hours, making novelty flapjacks that are as artistic as they are tasty.

In recognition of all that he has done to foster a sense of community in our program, it gives me great pleasure to grant the 2018 Honors Program Citizenship Award to graduating math and computer science major Emanuel Hartman.

Past Recipients

  • 2017: Sara Luck Gerall
  • 2016: Hannah Danielle Wiepke