Mission and Student Learning Outcomes

The University Honors Program aims to serve talented, committed, self-motivated students with an enriched undergraduate liberal arts education characterized by intentional interdisciplinarity and development of lifelong learning habits.

Toward this end, it provides small classes emphasizing active and collaborative learning and innovative teaching and learning approaches; student-led scholarly and social co-curricular activities; and authentic community-engagement opportunities that together help students develop the skills and knowledge needed to fulfill their obligations as global citizens.

The University Honors Program further demands of students a sustained commitment to excellence and an active engagement with the Program, with faculty and other students, and with the University.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Connections Among Disciplines. Students demonstrate an understanding of interdisciplinary inquiry and a recognition of its centrality in the liberal arts setting in general and the Honors Program in particular.
  2. Community Engagement. Students are active members of various communities, including the Honors Program, the university, and the Asheville community at large.
  3. Ethics and Morals of Citizenship. Students demonstrate an understanding of the ethical and moral obligations of an informed and engaged citizen.